Yhden miehen mielenosoitus Päteviä ratkaisuja maailman ongelmiin saattaa olla useita, mutta niiden löytymiseen on vain yksi tapa - viestintä, avoin ja rehellinen.

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Finns don't want to be bullied, mr Lavrov

According to yesterday's Ilta-Sanomat, Russian foreign minister Lavrov compared the relationship of Finland and Russia to marriage, Russia being a wife. Nice, mr Lavrov, but the reality is more brutal.

Lavrov told in an interview in Rome that if you suspect your woman, you first shouldn't turn to media. He talked about gps-jamming of which Finland has accused Russia. Subconsciously Lavrov considered Russia being woman and Finland as man. What this is telling about Lavrov and Russia, only Lavrov knows but as a Finn and a male, I try to quess.  

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